School Direct

We are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to train as a teacher within our partnership of schools. The School Direct pathway will allow you to work alongside outstanding practitioners from Cardinal Hume Catholic School and our other partner schools including St Robert of Newminster RC School and Sixth Form College, St Benet Biscop Catholic School High School and Cramlington Learning Village. Our accredited providers are Carmel College, Newcastle University and Sacred Heart.

If you are interested in School Direct within the Cardinal Hume partnership, recruitment begins on 13th October 2020 for training placements which start in September 2021.

The application process is through the UCAS Teacher Training system. For further information please visit the UCAS website.

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Available Courses

Secondary Schools

Cardinal Hume

Campus Code: A

St Robert of Newminster

Campus Code: C

St Benet Biscop

Campus Code: D

Cramlington LV

Campus Code: L

Subject Ref Subject Ref Subject Ref Subject Ref
Maths(x2) 2HWH English (x2) 2J69 English 2J69 Maths(x2) 2HWH
Art 2R8B Maths 2HWH Biology 3347 English(x2) 2J69
English (x2) 2J69 RE 2HXC Physics T906
Geography 333Q History 333P MFL 2R82
MFL 2R82 PE 2R89 Geography 333Q
Business Studies 35N7 Geography 333Q History 333P
Chemistry 3392  Business Studies 35N7 Chemistry 3392
Computer Science 2J6D Biology 3347 Biology 3347
History 333P Computer Science 2J6D
Biology 3347 Drama 2HWX
Physics T906 Food / HSC 2HNX

Primary Schools

We have extensive links to primary schools across the North East with placements available for September 2021.

Primary School Reference Code: 2R8D

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Entry Criteria


All entrants will have attained a minimum grade C in GCSE English, Mathematics and Science where applicable (or equivalent examinations).


Degree Minimum 2:2

Entrants must hold a degree from a United Kingdom university (or Higher Education Institution), or a degree from the CNAA, or a recognised equivalent qualification. For entrants with degrees from overseas, please contact NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre) on 0870 990 4088 to obtain written confirmation of equivalency. We will be looking for a second class Honours Degree as the minimum requirement. A 2:1 or better is preferred in all cases however a 2:2 will be accepted with recent relevant experience. Preferably, your degree should be specific to the subject you are applying for.

Special Features

Cardinal Hume Catholic School is an 11-18 Academy School and the main school in a partnership of the highest quality schools in the North East. We already have an excellent reputation for the delivery of training for ITT, NQT, Middle and Senior leaders, hence, an application to us would give security and confidence that the training received here would be of the highest quality, designed and provided by a school with a long tradition of supporting new entrants into the profession and continuing on through their teaching career up to headship.

Student Facilities

Our School Direct programme aims to embed the trainee at the heart of a school. The trainee will start the year in school on the first day of term and work the life of a teacher for three terms. Trainees are treated as members of staff and expected to behave in line with the conditions and expectations of a teacher: this includes duties, meetings and extra curricular activities.
Trainees benefit from a professional and social life that reflects the school ethos and community.

All trainees will be registered for the PGCE with St Mary’s University College or Newcastle University and benefit from all the support the university has to offer.

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