Every Lesson Outstanding

What is ELO?

The ‘Every Lesson Outstanding’ Programme was developed by representatives from 7 North East Teaching Schools. It was written by teachers for teachers and has learning at its very core. The primary aim of this programme is to give teachers in the North East the confidence and range of practical ‘tools’ to deliver consistently outstanding lessons so that learners make excellent progress and develop a love of learning.
The programme is intensive, practical and interactive, allowing teachers to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver outstanding lessons every day.
Programme Objectives:

  • Know the key concepts underpinning excellent practice in the classroom;
  • Understand the impact of these concepts on teaching and learning;
  • Deliver these concepts through consistent practice;
  • Self-assess and audit their own teaching.

Who is the course aimed at?

The ELO is a versatile programme suitable for all teachers, regardless of experience, who have the capacity and commitment to advance, develop and improve their understanding of key teaching concepts. This is then implemented into their daily practice, enhancing classroom and pupil performance and raising standards in your school.

What does it involve?

The programme consists of five morning sessions (9am-12.15pm) over a 10 week period. The first four sessions involve facilitated learning activities, pedagogical discussions, practical activities, lesson observations and debriefs. The final session features a celebration event in which participants share the impact of the programme on their everyday practice.
Programme Content:

  • Progress in lessons
  • Assessment and Differentiation
  • Challenge and Engagement
  • Dialogue

This course has given me renewed motivation for teaching. It is a dynamic, pragmatic course which puts learning into action immediately. It has given me time to reflect upon and discuss the important aspects of lessons and has improved my practice significantly.

Mr B. Eccleston

It was a fabulous programme. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to see some truly outstanding lessons and I am inspired to improve my lessons with the ideas I have gained. The facilitators were fantastic, really enthusiastic and knowledgeable; they made us feel that they valued our input as we respected theirs.

Mrs L. Dickinson

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