School to School Support

Cardinal Hume Catholic School has a strong tradition of school to school support.

There are a number of ways a teaching school can offer school-to-school support, such as:

  • Addressing weaknesses identified by Ofsted (or by other agencies) by providing additional leadership capacity to improve the quality of teaching and learning in specific subjects; year groups or with individual teachers.
  • Assisting a school in developing and implementing policies designed to bring about school improvement.
  • Bringing about improvements in the data analysis undertaken by schools.
  • Raising attainment and standards by closing the gap for identified vulnerable and underachieving groups.
  • Providing an acting headteacher in a challenging school.
  • Providing an executive headteacher to work with a federation or similar organisation of schools.

Teaching schools are expected to provide school-to-school support to:

  • Undertake an audit of school improvement need in the local area.
  • Effectively draw on capacity from across its strategic partners to undertake school-to-school support.
  • Lead the management and co-ordination of school-to-school support through identification of individuals with management responsibilities for negotiating contracts and undertaking due diligence and quality assurance activities.
  • Provide an appropriate range of support across the spectrum of schools, particularly those in challenging circumstances.
  • Evidence positive impact of support through raising standards or by bringing about the school improvement that is reflected in Ofsted judgements.
  • Extend the reach and spectrum of leaders and staff involved in the delivery of school-to-school support within, and across, the alliance to best meet the needs of the locality.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr Nick Hurn, has been able to offer support to several schools in the local area.

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