Teaching for Linear Exams: The Role of Memory in Learning

Thursday 15th November 9am to 12pm
Venue: St. Benet Biscop Catholic Academy

How do we harness the power of memory?

This session will look at the role of memory and how it can be developed in order to help students meet the demands of a changing curriculum, where students have to retain and recall information for linear exams. The session looks at strategies that allow memory to be taught and considers what types of memory are most suited to making our students the most effective and resilient learners.

Who is the course aimed at?

The session is suitable for all teachers, who have the capacity and commitment to advance and develop. In particular the session would benefit established practitioners who are looking to further develop expert practice and disseminate ideas across the curriculum. It will equip participants with a range of strategies which you can immediately employ on return to school to, enhancing classroom and pupil performance and raising standards in your school.

What does it involve?

The programme consists of one morning session on Thursday 15th November 9am to 12pm. The session is facilitated by Theresa Symons who is an Assistant Headteacher at St. Benet Biscop Catholic Academy, responsible for Professional Development and Teaching and Learning.
The session will involve presentation and workshop based learning activities, pedagogical discussions and opportunities for reflection on current practice and developments for the future with a focus on long term planning.

Cost per delegate – £50. For more information or to book a course please contact: Carolyn Adams | Telephone: 0191 4877638 | Email: cas@cardinalhume.com Cardinal Hume Catholic School | www.trinityteachingschool.com | info@trinityteachingschool.com