From the initial meeting to identify out specific T&L needs as a school to the well planned bespoke two day training programme for staff covering elements of pedagogy together with the mentoring and coaching model, I can not fault the dedication shown towards supporting us to improve. The 13 staff who attended the training arrived back in school inspired and full of good ideas to share. We launched the coaching model in January and already have a considerable number of staff who have put themselves forward to be coached in an area of their teaching whilst other staff have freely opened their doors to colleagues for diagnostic observations. There is now definitely an ethos of shared CPD among staff.

Katie Binns
Assistant Headteacher Whickham School and Sports College

I must admit, the course is a lot of work and takes a lot of time, dedication and commitment however, I could not have done it without the support of the team in the English department and the whole school community. They are making this job an amazing experience and I would just like to say thank you to Cardinal Hume Catholic School for this opportunity.

Antonia Amrstrong
School Direct Trainee, English

Completing my initial teacher training at Cardinal Hume was a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience. Training as a teacher is a challenge – as it should be – but the support available meant that I was never short of guidance when I needed and wanted it.

The Trinity North Easy partnership is experienced in training new teachers, so even the paperwork required to prove yourself against the Teaching Standards is made as simple as it can be. The training sessions hosted by partnership are informative and interactive, allowing you to get the most beneficial advice from skilled professionals.

Training at Cardinal Hume itself proved better than I had ever hoped for. The immersive nature of the School Direct course, and friendly, approachable nature of the whole body of staff meant that I felt like a part of the team from day one, even if I didn’t particularly feel like a teacher! This collaborative atmosphere and ability to work with staff from all over the school meant that I could get advice not just from my own experienced and valuable department, but from other teaching and support staff, building my skills and experiences further.

Truly, I cannot speak highly enough of my training experience at Cardinal Hume, or of the people who work hard to make it such a worthwhile year. It is often said that teachers never finish training, and certainly there is always a vast amount to learn, but I could not have been prepared any better for the profession.

Jonny Lusha
School Direct Trainee, English

The support we received from the Trinity Alliance for middle leadership was first class. From the comprehensive planning which identified specific improvement priorities to the detailed and positive implementation of the plan our staff found the whole experience invaluable. The quality of the CPD was excellent and highly personalised. Staff genuinely felt they were being properly supported in addressing the issues which would lead to improvement. This was hands on effective leadership development that got down to ways of improving day to day classroom practice that our staff found genuinely helpful and has provided us with a practical framework to take our own improvement forward. Staff from the Trinity Alliance were high professional and grounded in their approach. I would be happy to recommend their support to any school

Tony Cunningham
Oxclose Community Academy, Executive Headteacher

The Coaching training was interactive, thought provoking and informative. Our new coaches now feel confident to launch the St Hild’s Coaching program.

Chris Seymour
St Hild’s COE School, Assistant Head teacher

Going into my teacher training through School Direct was exciting, yet daunting. The lectures and meetings prior the academic year were informative and resourceful, but it was not until I started at Cardinal Hume Catholic School that I felt on my way to becoming a good teacher.

We were instantly welcomed as regular staff in the school and always felt a sense of purpose. Regular meetings were held to guide us through our training, often with the other training courses and NQTs. This was always a great opportunity to express our worries and concerns. Every member of staff was willing to help and advice on all different aspects of our training.

The overall experience felt personally tailored to my individual needs and nothing was ever overlooked. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience training at Cardinal Hume which has led me to start a positive NQT year. I would highly recommend training at Cardinal Hume to anyone who is interested in teacher training.

Beth Robinson
School Direct Trainee, Music